About Us

We specialize in small to medium business and all the needs of that that business to include workstations, servers, telephone systems, backup, web and email hosting just to name a few.  We are your one stop shop for small business.  We have the knowledge, skill and experience to get the job done right.  YOU WILL BE HAPPY!!!!!.  you have my company's name on it.


This is our story ...

Brown Datacom (Brown Electronics) was started in 1995 while I (Ted) was still on active duty with the Army National Guard. Computers were still pretty new to most people and very few people other than the military had them due to the cost. I started building "white boxes" which reduced the cost of computers and naturally satisfied my curiosity and interest in electronics and computer programming. I had the occasional person that needed help and would refer me.

In 2000, the business had grown enough to have a employee other than myself and this continued until Dec 2004 when I retired after 24 years of active duty.   I worked with Brown Datacom 80 hours of week instead of my former 40 hours with the army and 40 with the business (wow...that was smart).  In 2006 Charles "Chuck" Bowen joined the BDC team as a networking specialist and is highly trained in all areas of information technology. 

Today, Brown Datacom, LLC has a total of 5 employees and a contractor on call.  We manage the IT needs of large to small business totaling approx 700 computers and servers through out SC, Charlotte, Raleigh, NC and Northeast GA. We work for businesses and DO NOT operate a store front. This business strategy allows us to maintain low overhead, lower prices in our segmented market, while focusing on business applications and design, not "grandmother's family tree maker