Corvair Electronic Fuel Injection Kit (EFI)

Tested and driven daily for over 75,000 miles.

Bolt-on Fuel Injection for the Corvair by

Brown Injections Systems, LLC


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This kit was designed and built with 3 major objectives:

Why TBI? The Throttle body was chosen for the dependability and simplicity. This kit is a bolt-on, simple with ease of troubleshooting with its OBC-1 architecture and uses mostly GM parts available at your local auto parts store. Parts that had to be manufactured are of normal home shop quality and not made on production lines/machine shops to keep the parts affordable.

Background: Fuel injection has always been costly for the Corvair mainly because of the Port injection requires costly welding and the manufacture/use of low production parts. This kit uses mostly GM main-line production parts to keep the price low and uses tried and true components for reliability. The dual throttle body has been used before, but was fragmented and used a costly computer to run. This kit uses a GM computer and manufactured parts are of normal supply. Temp control was always a problem due to the wild temp fluctuations of the Air-Cooled engine. We developed a Water Temp Equivalent (WTE) method for the ECM to control and trim the engine. We hope you find this one of the most well thought out, economical and dependable kits ever produced for the Corvair and should provide years of trouble-free service.

Theory: Carbs and points that control the Corvair and all motors of that era are a compromise. The Carbs give the best fuel mixture at only certain times due the design. Distributors can’t compensate for Temp and use flying weights to control the timing… good, but again a compromise. Fuel Injection w/DIS applies the best fuel mixture and timing for that RPM, Load and Temp. Other sensors also trim the fuel and timing, but those are the basics.

What should I expect?: Ease of starting, good all around performance and better fuel economy. This will not make your worn out engine a good engine. It does not fix burned valves, leaking heads, cracked pistons, etc…. its fuel injection. It maximizes the amount of fuel and spark for the best all around performance and economy based on external factors which a traditional Carb and points can’t do.





A Truly bolt-on, reversible kit includes

2 ea Dual Throttle bodies (TBI-700) with special levers (Left Pull) Includes IAC, Injector and TPS 2 ea TBI to Corvair aluminum Adapter
1 ea Throttle linkage to TBI Rod 2 ea Intake manifold gasket
1 ea Custom wiring harness for Early and Late 1 ea CN Corvair ECM Chip (Specify 145, 164)
1 ea GM OBDC1 ECM w/Modified EPROM* 1 ea GM Coil Pack DIS with Module*
1 ea GM Crank Sensor 1 ea GM Map Sensor*
1 ea Fuel line, 5/16, passenger side w/seal 1 ea Fuel Distribution 5/16 "Tee"
1 ea 5/16 Fuel Line return, drivers side w/seal 1 ea Fuel Line, 5/16 inlet, drivers side w/seal
1 ea Fuel Line TBI block-off/Svc Port, passenger side 1 ea GM IAT Sensor
1 ea Crank Trigger Sensor Bracket 1 ea Throttle Rod, 1/4 adjustable w/clips
1 ea Throttle Actuator Assembly 1 ea Temp Sensor (Requires pipe tap into choke hole)
1 ea Clarks fuel return "Tee" 1 set Emerson Wires 8mm, Black
2 ea GM TBI-700 to adapter gasket 1 ea Distributor Cover
1 ea Knock Sensor* 1 ea Fuel Pump Block-off
1 ea Knock Sensor Adapter 2 ea Air Cleaner Adapters (Drivers and Pass side)
1 set Drive axle Variable speed sensor (LM Only) 1 ea In-Line JTR Variable Speed Sensor (EM only)
1 sht Harmonic Balancer drilling instructions (You drill your own or we can supply - See DIY Parts) 1 sht Throttle Rod cut and weld instructions (You cut your own or we can supply - See DIY Parts)

$1349 Late Model Kit + shipping

  $1399 Early Model Kit + shipping    

*parts are used/refurbished and tested. You can buy and much and as little as you need to complete the project.

The following parts need to be purchased locally for warranty/exchange or Shipping purposes:

1 ea - Fuel pump Internal or External. We recommend internal as it is quieter and used in stock TBI sytems, but if an external is used, it must be a "roller vane" type. The cheaper solenoid type will fail soon after installation. (You must have a clean or new tank without rust and trash and a new strainer or it will destroy any pump).

4 ea - 5' 5/16 steel and misc rubber main fuel line (Shipping not practical and available at FLAPS)

Other Information for this build:

Harmonic Balancer and throttle rod shaft must be modified by end user. (You can send it to us for modification for a small fee)

The head choke rod hole must drilled and tapped to accept ECM temp sending unit.

The O2 bung must be welded to the exhaust

VSS on late model will require tack weld to the rear control arm.

We will repair or replace, at our option, any part found defective for 6 months after date of purchase minus shipping. Modified/abused parts will not be exchanged/refunded.

Fuel Pump, Air cleaners and adapters solutions are available separately and NOT a part of this kit. PVC must also be taken into consideration.


Owner's Manual is now available on-line and constantly being updated.


Contact: Ted Brown 864-940-0653 or



Air Cleaner and Breather Ideas (not Included in kit)